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XMod Pro Module Kit - Ratings Stars + Page Sharing

As an example kit to show off the flexibility of XMod Pro to create module solutions for DotNetNuke, we have put together a jQuery Star Ratings Module Kit. As an added bonus, perfect for the functionality of ranking and marking pages as favorite, this module kit also incorporates ShareThis social/sharing buttons as well.
Module Description: This Module Kit for use with XMod Pro is a ready to use page rating and social share solution. As a demo of XMod Pro code and functionality, it shows how to use jQuery and XMod Pro forms to save standard counter/ranking data and how to connect with other services such as ShareThis forms.
This demo shows elements of XMod Pro and jQuery such as:
  • XMod Pro Form Elements - Select Form and DropDownList ListItem (Options) in form element used to create stars through CSS & jQuery
  • XMod Pro Module Variable / Parameter - Used to easily pass in ShareThis Publisher ID in the configure window of XMod Pro Form.
  • jQuery AJAX-based actions update ratings instantly
  • jQuery update of user's rating, average rating and total ratings on page
  • jQuery UI theme for basic styling
Uses: This XMod Pro Form / jQuery Star Ratings Module Kit is a ready to use module solution. You can modify it to have any additions or changes that you like, however you can also place it onto any page of a DNN website and it will be ready to work, providing star ratings and share for any page in your DNN site! Use this one module across all pages, regardles of content and other modules/systems to provide a consistant look & feel for your ratings.


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XMod Pro Module Kits

XMod Pro Module Kits: Notes & Instructions

  • XMod Pro demos and XMod Pro Module Kits are free for everyone to use! We have developed them to help share popular items and to help train users in the features and functionality of XMod Pro for creating custom module solutions for DotNetNuke!
  • To utilize this XMod Pro demo, simply download the Module Kit from the DNNDev Downloads section. Once you've downloaded the file, install it as you would any DNN module. Next, add the kit module to a page. Finally, click the module's "Finish Installation" button to complete the process. The result will be an XMod Pro module instance, configured to use the kits forms, templates, and feeds as needed.
  • The jQuery star ratings piece is the Star Rating Plugin from FyneWorks. Visit the site to learn more about the options and features available for customization such as split stars and decimal value ratings.
  • By placing this module on any page of your DotNetNuke website, you instantly get a complete Ranking and Ratings solution for DNN. Apply individual instances of the module, or create one and apply it to every page of the DNN site. This will allow you to have one comprehensive ratings system regardless of whether you are using other article modules, gallery modules, or other DNN HTML modules for page content.
  • Once a page has received a rating/ranking, the next load of that page will display the highlighted star level. Basic math provides the average numbers for future display, and within the database you can easily "seed" the number and value of rankings by entering starter records and numbers.
  • Control whether public (unauthenticated users) or only registered users can make ratings by setting module visiblity roles within the module settings.
  • By default, the star ratings are keyed off of page (Tab ID), but can be edited in the module/sql code to key off of query string, page name, or any other unique identifyier that will allow you to pair a rating to that specific page or content.
  • This form code is ready to use once installed. However, it can be further extended with your own custom code to create additional features such as the ability to send email notices, save additional information in the database, and more! As an XMod Pro module solution, you can easily add, enhance and extend the functionality.
  • The sections that display the "Your Rating" user rating value, "Average Rating", and "Total Ratings" values are optional and can be easily commented out in the XMod Pro Form code. Further configuration options on the star ratings also allow for half-star ranking such as 0.5 star to 5 star (It can support half of one star, such as 3.5 stars).
  • The ShareThis social sharing widget allows for quick and easy access to hundreds of sharing options.
  • For the ShareThis section, we have listed a popular set of items, but more can be easily added. Learn more at Additionally, to get the most out of your usage of ShareThis in your DotNetNuke site, register as a Publisher with the ShareThis website, and get your Publisher ID (to enter into the XMod Pro Configure screen Module Parameters) and receive full stats and tracking of usage from the ShareThis website service.
  • Consider pairing this module up with the XMod Pro Page Comments Module Kit to have both star ratings / ranking and user page comments on the same page.
  • The jQuery involved is compatible with all modern web browsers and with jQuery versions 1.6.4+.
  • This XMod Pro Module Kit features a main rating/share XMP Form, and a Ratings Manager Form & Template.