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XMod Pro Flash Image Gallery Featuring CoolIris Image Wall

XMod Pro Module Kit - Image Gallery With CoolIris & XMP RSS Image Feed

As an example kit to show off the flexibility of XMod Pro templates when creating module items for DotNetNuke like an image gallery or presentation, we have put together an example using our example data set and the popular Flash Image Gallery Wall from CoolIris
Module Description: This incredibly popular, flashy Image Gallery from CoolIris started out as the PicLens Flash Image "3D Wall" and later became CoolIris. Now, years later, there are desktop and iPhone and Android versions of the photo gallery. This Flash-based version is free to include into any website and instantly ads beautiful, lightning fast 3D Image Wall excitement to any image collection!
CoolIris Slideshow Features:
  • unique 3D Image Wall presentation
  • Flash-based image gallery
  • Image title/description on mouseover
  • Click thumbnail to view larger image preview
  • Click to expand to full-screen view (esc key or click to exit full-screen mode)
  • Slideshow mode to auto-play / rotate thorugh gallery
  • can work with external image RSS feeds (flickr, etc)

Uses: It can be used to show display any type of image gallery that is built from your RSS Image Feed. There is no fixed limit to the number of images in the slideshow, as the CoolIris Flash will add icons/slides for every image returned in the recordset RSS Feed. Use this as a base code to create your own customized DotNetNuke image gallery module or use it as a resource for tips and tricks for building your own XMod Pro solution by connecting into other galleries and image systems!

CoolIris Flash Image Gallery

Displaying 15 images as of 07/25/2024

Tips On Use: click in the image area and drag left to right to move the wall, or click on the left/right arrows or slider to pan left to right. use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in/out of the wall. click on an image to zoom in or launch larger slideshow full screen. click the search icon to highlight/dim items. click the expand arrows in bottom right to switch to full-screen mode.

XMod Pro Module Kits

XMod Pro Module Kits: Notes & Instructions

  • XMod Pro demos and XMod Pro Module Kits are free for everyone to use! We have developed them to help share popular items and to help train users in the features and functionality of XMod Pro for creating custom module solutions for DotNetNuke!
  • This kit utilizes code and files from the CoolIris Flash Image Gallery found at
  • To utilize this XMod Pro demo, simply download the Module Kit from the DNNDev Downloads section. Once you've downloaded the file, install it as you would any DNN module. Next, add the kit module to a page. Finally, click the module's "Finish Installation" button to complete the process. The result will be an XMod Pro module instance, configured to use the kits forms, templates, and feeds as needed.
  • The majority of the function of this presentation is actually loaded from the CoolIris external Flash file, in this way they keep it updated and ehanced with new features, so there is little to download. However, there is much to customize! Our image wall shown above uses one standard stet of preferences, you can customize the background, colors, size of images, number of rows, zoom level and more! All options are controlled by changing the flashvars in the embed object code. Learn about customized CoolIris Image Galleries.
  • Because of the way that Flash handles variables within the Object and Embed tags, when you specify your XMod Pro RSS Image Feed (which has ampersands & in it), it must be URL encoded to remove the ampersands. You may use the Feed Encoder tool provided on the CoolIris site to convert your XMP feed to the correct format.
  • For demo purposes, initial templates are set to reference the sample images stored on the DNNDev site. When ready to use, follow instructions in the code and edit the code (and feed) files to reference your DotNetNuke instance
  • Finally, to work, you must add the Adobe Flash "crossdomain.xml" file to the root of your website (i.e. to allow Flash to work with external files and the feed correctly.
  • This XMod Pro Module Kit features an XMP Template for layout, an Image RSS XMP Feed, and XMP Form with admin-only editor view.